• Advanced Human Brain Mapping Techniques
  • Molecular Imaging
  • Next Generation MRI
  • Mind-Machine Interface

Research Groups

Research Summary

The purpose of the component project is to break through the present speed limitation of magnetic resonance. In the past four years, we have successfully developed the fast parallel MRI techniques on Bruker Biospec 3T system. Based on the optimization of phased array, in combination with multi-slice excitation, we have improved the temporal resolution to the 6 to 8 folds of the conventional MRI acquisition. This sub-project will further propose a brand new MR imaging method based on broadband signal acquisition and multiple-carrier modulation technique in modern wireless communication system. With multiple transmitters and receivers capability, results of this subproject will have a direct impact on physiological dynamic imaging, to study biochemical mechanisms for brain functions, metabolism studies, aging process and many other quantitative parametric imaging simultaneously to identify the loci more accurately. To image high quality animal microscopy images, especially mouse for genetic disease models, the feature of multi-channel of phased array coil will achieve much better throughput and offer higher feasibility for genome research in the near future.

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