Jyh-Horng Chen Ph. D(陳志宏教授)


National Taiwan University
Department of Electrical Engineering &
Graduated Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics

Office: EE2 Building R311




Ph.D. UC Berkeley & UC San Francisco, Bioengineering

M.S. National Yang-Ming Medical College, Medical Engineering

B.S. National Taiwan University, Electrical Engineering

Past Professional Experience

  • National Taiwan University, Institute of Biomedical Engineering National Taiwan University, Chairman, 2002/8~2005/7.
  • National Taiwan University, Electrical Engineering, Associate Professor, 1991/ 7~2000/7.
  • Radiologic Imaging Lab of UC San Francisco, Bioengineering, Research Assistant, 1986/9~1988/6.
  • UC Berkeley Francisco, Bioengineering, Teaching Assistant, 1988/9~1991/6.



Prof. Jyh-Horng Chen received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University in 1982. After two-year's service in Marine Corps as an information officer, he decided to switch and focus his study on Biomedical Engineering. In 1986, he received his M.S. degree in Medical Engineering from National Yang-Ming Medical College. With a Visiting Scholar Fellowship from Ministry of Education, he started his Ph.D. study in the intercampus Bioengineering Program at UCB and UCSF (University of California, at Berkeley and San Francisco) where he received the Ph.D. degree in 1991. From 1986 to 1987, he worked at Tele-robotics Lab at School of Optometry at UCB studying the optimization angle for 3 - Dimensional 'virtual reality' vision. Later, he went into Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Lab at Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department and Radiology department at UCSF working on the basic flow measurements, MR angiography and fundamental in-vivo NMR spectroscopy. Since 1988, he was in the Radiologic Imaging Lab of UCSF as a research assistant. His research interests are in the basic modeling of relaxation times in various biological tissues at different magnetic fields, the measurements of diffusion coefficient and microcirculation in the brain and echo-planar imaging. Dr. Chen joined the faculty of Electrical Engineering Department at National Taiwan University (NTUEE) as an associate professor in 1991. He is a professor since 2000 and is acting as the chair of Institute Biomedical Engineering at NTU from 2002 to 2005. Dr. Chen established an interdisciplinary MRI lab at NTU (IMRL, NTU) with a 3T MR imager and 7T animal MRI Lab to work on functional magnetic resonance imaging and Molecular imaging. He is at the same time in charge of Molecular imaging Core Lab at NTU Hospital. Prof Chen also designs new man-machine interface system for the disables. Other research interests include general medical imaging systems design, sensory aid design, biological signal detection, VLSI cochlear implant and medical informatics. Currently, he teaches several courses in Introductory Biomedical Engineering, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Medical Imaging System, Medical Imaging Analysis, special topics in human vision and neuro-physiology. Prof. Chen is a member of IEEE, AdCom (Administration Committee) of IEEE/ EMBS, Publication Committee, IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS), International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) and Society of Molecular Imaging.

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