MRI/MRS Interdisciplinary Lab.


The laboratory will apply the existing MRI / MRS techniques to interdisplinary research, including school of humanity, psychology, medicine, engineering, agriculture and food science. Its object is to combine experts in different areas to generate, hopefully, some new academic areas in 21 century. This laboratory is supported by National Taiwan University (NTU) as well as Instrumentation Center of National Science Council (NSC) in Taiwan. 3T Bruker MRI/MRS system

NTU Systems - MR System Features

  1. An active shielded 90cm bore size 3T Bruker MRI/MRS system
  2. Active shielded Cryo Magnet B-C 30/90A
  3. Active shielded gradient coil
  4. Sets of imaging system for human body, sizes of animals and microscopy
  5. Different imaging RF/Gradient coils, with their own amplifiers, switchable in the same system
  6. Full package of application software is provided to facilitate interdisplinary cooperation
  7. Electronic Synchronization Unit (ESU) receiver system for in total 8 external synchronization signals for ECG, - EGG,EMG, respiration etc.
  8. Four channels RF amplifier will be installed for phased array coil
  9. ATM will be supported for imaging transfer to other MR center in the world

Current Status

  1. Located at the first floor of Electrical Engineering department building.
  2. Core MR experts are mainly from Dept. EE and Dept. Chemistry.
  3. About fifty projects from different schools have joined.

Project Planned

  1. Brain function and cognition study for Chinese language and medicine
  2. Psychology and pathology of small animals and plants
  3. Physical parameter characteristics for food science
  4. Micro-circulation quantification with rapid, dynamic imaging methods
  5. MR imaging system and methodology
  6. Flow and stress mapping in cardiovascular system
  7. Metabolic spectroscopy in CNS and cardiology
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