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-=====Conference=====+=====Conference ​poster of recent 3 year=====
-1. Li, C.W., Wu, C.W., Chen, D.Y., & Chen, J.H. Comparison ​of activation localization on cortical gray matter using T1-map among three fMRI techniques: BOLD, FAIR and VASOThe World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering2006SeoulKorea.+1. C.W. Chang, C.- CHoet al"​Information Extraction from Raw DTI Data Using Texture Based Analysis: A Preliminary Study of Classification ​and Regression"​ Proc21th ISMRM Ann MeetingSalt Lake City USA2013.
-2. HsiaoM.Y., Chen, D.Y.& ChenJ.H. Information Extraction from Cognitive Science Literatures. The World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering2006SeoulKorea.+2. Chia-Wei LiChao-Hsien Hsiehand Jyh-Horng ​Chen, ” Alterations of Thalamic Functional Connectivity at Meditation State: a Resting-State MRI study” ​The Organization of Human Brain MappingBeichingChina2013 poster session.
-3. Chen, D.Y., Kuo, B.C., Yeh, Y.Y., Liang, K.C., & Chen, J.HTrade-off between the executive network and the default mode network. ​Program No568.162006 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. AtlantaGA: Society for Neuroscience2006. Online.+3. Y.-A. Huang, C.-H. TsengC.-HHsiehJ.-H. Chen, C.-WHsieh. Laser acupuncture induced ​the alternation in default mode network ​on acupoint K1in the 19th Annual Meeting of Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Seattle, U.S.A., 2013poster session.
-4. Kao, C.H., Chen, D.Y., HueC.W., & Chen, J.H., & ChenC.C. Character inversion effect in the human occipitotemporal regions: an fMRI study. Program No. 262.11. 2006 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Atlanta, GA: Society for Neuroscience,​ 2006. Online.+4. Chia-Wei Li and Jyh-Horng ​Chen. “Functional Parcellation of Cerebellum Based on Resting-State fMRI and Singular Value Decomposition“.Proceedings of the 21th ISMRM Annual MeetingSalt lake CityU.S.A., 2013poster session.
-5. Chen, K.H., Chen, D.Y., Liu, T.L., Cho, K.H., Lin, C.P., Chen, J.H., & Liang, K.CFunctional connectivity revealed by manganese-enhanced MRI with micro-infusion ​of Mn2+ into the amygdala ​and hippocampus in a behavioral task. Program No. 371.29. 2006 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Atlanta, GA: Society ​for Neuroscience2006. Online.+5.  Y.-AHuangI.-TLinY.-L. Liu, H.-C. Yangand J.-H. Chen..“How Does Thermal Noise Affect Resting State fMRI Studies. ” in the 35th Annual International Conference ​of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine ​and Biology ​Society, ​Osaka, Japan, 2013, poster session.
-6. HsiaoM.Y., Chen, D.Y., & Chen, J.H. The human brain functional mapping knowledge base. Program No. 100.9. 2006 Neuroscience Meeting Planner. AtlantaGA: Society for Neuroscience2006. Online.+6. A.-L. HsuC.WWuC.-PLin, J.-H. Chen "​Exploring the Feasibility of High-resolution Functional Connectivity through the Perspective of Physiological Contribution Ratio”. The 4th Biennial Conference on Resting State Brain ConnectivityBostonUSA, 2014, poster session.
-7. Yeh, S.L., ChouW.L., Lin, S.Y.Chen, D.Y., ChenJ.H., & ChenC.CNeural substrates for spatial-temporal grouping and perceived action ​in the human brain: Evidence from perceived writing sequence of Chinese characters. The 29th European Conference on Visual PerceptionSt PetersburgRussia2006.+7. Y.-A. Huang, S.-HYangT.-H. H. ChaoE. L. WuD.-Y. Chen, K.-H. Cho, Y.-C. ChangT.-D. ChiuehCWWuL.-W. KuoJ.-HChen ”A Pilot Study of 2X Temporal Resolution Wideband Gradient-Echo in Rodent fMRI". The 20th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, HamburgGermany2014poster session.
-8. Chen, D.Y., Kuo, B.C., Yeh, Y.Y., Liang, K.C., & Chen, J.H. Neural activation during emotional conflict between face and word: an fMRI studyThe 12th annual Meeting ​of the Organization for Human Brain MappingFlorence, Italy, ​2006.+8. S.-H. Yang, Y.-A. HuangT.-HH. ChaoD.-Y. Chen, K.-HChoL.-W. Kuo, J.-H. Chen, CW. Wu. “Impacts of Single Carrier Wideband Gradient-Echo Sequence in BOLD Contrast. ”Proceedings ​of the 22th ISMRM Annual MeetingMilan, Italy, ​2014, poster session.
-9. Li, C.W.WuC.W., Kuo, B.C., Chen, D.Y., & Chen, J.H. The neural mechanisms of arithmetic processingCBFbased fMRI. The 12th annual ​Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Florence, Italy, 2006. +9. Min-Ling Lin, Chia-Wei ​Li, Ya-Chih YuYi-Ning TungTun JaoJyh-Horng ​Chen “Brian-peripheral Communication in Executive Control Network and Default-mode NetworkA Preliminary Resting-state fMRI Study” 17th Annual ​Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping(OHBM)SwitzerlandJune2016, poster session.
- +
-10. Kuo, B.C., Yeh, Y.Y., Chen, Y.L., Liang, K.C., Chen, D.Y., & Chen, J.H. The role of anterior cingulate cortex in coordinating similar dual tasks. The 12th annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Florence, Italy, 2006. +
- +
-11. Li CW, Wu CW, Chen DY, Chen JH,’’ Negative BOLD Phenomenon Using Three fMRI Technique: BOLD, FAIR, and VASO “, 2006 International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering,​ Taiwan, poster session. +
- +
-12. Li CW, Wu CW, Chen DY, Chen JH,” The Reproducibility of Brain Activation Mapping: Comparing of BOLD, FAIR, and VASO fMRI Techniques”,​ Proc 13th OHBM Ann MeetingChicagoUSA2007, poster session.+
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